Blog hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 Incredible Shopping Awaits! <p class="plain">The historic downtown district transforms into an open air marketplace for the <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/antique-faire-petaluma.html" class="plain">Fall Antique Faire</a>. Treasure hunt among over 200 vendors, stroll around iron-front buildings, one of a kind stores, and an incredible array of restaurants and cafes. The show has a nice variety of estate jewelry, linens, furniture, art, kitchenware, vintage décor, books and all kinds of unusual collectables to suit everyone's budget.</p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-09-16T10:43:15-07:00 Incredible Shopping Awaits! PDA wins CalFest Awards! <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">Each year, the Petaluma Downtown Association enters items from their marketing efforts from various events held throughout the year. We have won numerous awards every year, including 4 in 2014, 3 in 2015 & 16, 5 in 2017 and last year's marketing efforts won three awards for 2018.</div><div class="plain">They are:</div><div class="plain">FIRST PLACE for the T-shirt design of the Art & Garden Festival</div><div class="plain">FIRST PLACE for the Button design of the Butter & Egg Days</div><div class="plain">FIRST PLACE for the Ad design for the Art & Garden Festival</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Design of all items starts with Lisa Krieshok with input from Marie McCusker. Together they have made an award-winning team for the last 12 years. Congratulations!<br> </div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-08-05T14:15:53-07:00 PDA wins CalFest Awards! Sidewalk Sale 7/25-7/27 <p class="plain">You are not likely to see deals like this very often. The downtown merchants are offering generous discounts for the next three days. Grab your friends and your shopping list and snap up the bargains before they are gone. You don't want to miss this! <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/sidewalk-sale.html" class="plain">Click here for list of participating merchants.</a></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-07-25T14:30:39-07:00 Sidewalk Sale 7/25-7/27 Art & Garden Festival Sunday July 14th <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">Join in the fun this Sunday, July 14th, 11 am - 5pm for the 18th  annual Petaluma Art & Garden Festival.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">People from all over the Bay Area come to Pelaluma, Sonoma County to ejoy a summer day in our beautiful, historic Downtown seeking a treat for all of the senses - from the high caliber of local food tastings, fine wines, craft beers, cider, spirits and cocktails there is something for everyone's taste. Live music on 2 stages with our an incredible headliner "The Space Orchestra, guaranteed to blow your mind with their rendition of Joe Cockers "Mad Dogs & Englishmen". see our full line up which includes The Un AmOur Band (Reggae) The HOTS - Old school rock, and Grace Amulet & Kerry Fogarty bring a hipster twist on old and new classics. Accoustic stage presented by Ray's Deli & Tavern.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Over 145 talented artisans will be showcasing their talents that range from garden art, photography, beautiful jewelry, a children's boutique, plants and incredible one-off designs and creative art only found at small venues (we hand pick every vendor or originality and quality).    Free kids area designed to connect you with your little ones with crafts, story time and parallel Play with Artful Arrangements.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Experts are on hand from the Petaluma Garden Club and Sonoma County Master Gardners to answer gardening questions.  Figure out how to grow vegetables in tricky Petaluma adobe soil and what makes a garden organic. <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Call us for more info on (707) 762 9348 visit our facebook page or click on the Art & Garden Festival on our website. <br> </div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-07-09T18:52:36-07:00 Art & Garden Festival Sunday July 14th Application Deadline Quickly Approaching <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2">Anyone interested in getting a booth space at the Art & Garden Festival this year, hurry up! Deadline for applications is June 7. With only 125 spaces available, you will be in prestigious company. All of our handmade vendors are juried, so quality and presentation is of utmost importance. For more information, and to get an application, go to </font><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="heading2"></a></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2"><br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2">Festival takes place on July 14 in downtown Petaluma.<br></font></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-05-29T11:16:50-07:00 Application Deadline Quickly Approaching Buy Your Buttons Now <p class="plain"></p><div align="center" class="plain">Buy your <b>Friends of the Parade Button</b> and you can get discounts from merchants all over town! For only $5, you get a commemorative button to wear and show your Petaluma Pride! <img width="150" daid="17967327" src='//' border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">There are over 40 merchants in Petaluma that will give you a discount or freebies just for wearing your button. <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Want a discount on that show you've been wanting to see at the Mystic? Check!<br></div><div class="plain">Want a discount at that restaurant you've been meaning to try? Check!</div><div class="plain">Want a discount on that tattoo you've always wanted? Check!</div><div class="plain">Want a discount on the stores you frequent anyway? Check!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Don't miss out on this opportunity - buttons are on sale now at:</div><div class="plain"><b>Raleys, Petaluma Market, Crown Hair Salon, Lombardi's BBQ & Deli and Petaluma Visitor's Center.</b> <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Button discount good from April 20-28 only. ACT NOW<br></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-04-12T10:05:03-07:00 Buy Your Buttons Now Pint Night April 3 <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><font style="" class="banner"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="banner">Come Help Keep Our Parade Mooving!</a><br></font></div><div class="plain">Join us <b>Wednesday, April 3 </b>and bring your friends. This is one of the ways we raise money to help keep our beloved parade! Since PDA is a nonprofit, we need all the help we can get in raising funds to put on the Butter & Egg Days Festival. The parade is the largest one north of the Golden Gate that attracts thousands of visitors to town and creates a revenue for many businesses. Please help us continue to do so by attending Pint Night anytime between 2 and 9pm. <br></div><div class="plain">Every pint purchased contributes $1 to our parade.</div><div class="plain">You can also purchase buttons and posters starting at 4pm.</div><div class="plain">Bassel and the Supernaturals will be entertaining the crowd at 4:20. <br></div><div class="plain">See you there!<br></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-03-29T10:08:56-07:00 Pint Night April 3 Local Businesses Get Discounts for B&E <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">If you are a Petaluma Business and would like to get a space at the Butter & Egg Days Festival which sees close to 30,000 people from 10am to 5pm on April 27, 2019 - you can get a discount! AND if you are a PDA Member, you get an even bigger discount! <br></div><div class="plain">So don't delay! <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Apply Now!</a><br></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-02-27T16:26:52-08:00 Local Businesses Get Discounts for B&E Good Egg Nominations Accepted for 2019 <p class="plain">The Good Egg Award is presented annually to a Petaluma<font style="" class="plainlarge">n whose effort over time has helped highlight</font><font style="" class="plainlarge">, preserve and contribute to the positive promotion of the city of Petaluma</font>. The goal of The Good Egg award program is to encourage all to become advocates of the unique qualities of Petaluma and to act as ambassadors for Petaluma’s heritage in our day to day lives. The Good Egg should be a role model for this.</p><p class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge"><br></font></p><p class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">If you are interested in nominating someone for this award, </font><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">please click here to go to our online nomination form. </a><font style="" class="plainlarge"><br></font></p><p class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS FEB 22.<br></font></p><p class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">Or you can call the office and we will mail you a hard copy to download.</font></p><p class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">707-769-0429</font><br></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-02-21T10:47:46-08:00 Good Egg Nominations Accepted for 2019 Butter & Egg Sponsor Opportunities <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2">Wonder how we keep the parade MOOving? <br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2">We get sponsors! There are some incredible sponsor opportunities available for businesses that wish to get more involved in their community. </font><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="heading2">Please click here for a list of open sponsorships.</a></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2">If you don't see what you want, call us and we can tailor a sponsorship for you.</font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2"><br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="heading2">Marie at 707-762-9348 - Sponsorship Coordinator<br></font></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-02-19T13:44:32-08:00 Butter & Egg Sponsor Opportunities Calling all Antique Faire Vendors! <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">The Petaluma Downtown Association is now accepting applications for the Spring Antique Faire, taking place on April 28 as part of the Butter & Egg Days Celebrations. Please <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">CLICK HERE</a> for online application.</div><div class="plain">This 34 year old Faire has over 200 vendors adorning the historic downtown district and has something for everyone.</div><div class="plain">Only authentic vintage items, antiques and collectibles are found here, so it makes for a wonderful shopping experience.</div><div class="plain"><b>Deadline to apply is March 8.</b><br></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-01-29T12:07:23-08:00 Calling all Antique Faire Vendors! Helping Coast Guard Families <p class="plain">THIS JUST IN<br> <a link="" target="_blank" href="">Grocery Outlet</a> (Petaluma, CA) will add 20% of their own money to your financial support, regardless of the amount you choose to donate!</p> <div class="plain">Announcing a new collaboration to help our Petaluma Coast Guard families. You now have a clear path to getting your donation directly to those Petaluma Coast Guard families who need it the most while DC works things out. <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Click HERE for a video with more info>></a><br></div> Petaluma Downtown 2019-01-28T13:39:26-08:00 Helping Coast Guard Families Parade Entries now accepted <div align="center" class="plain"> <table width="100%" style="" cellspacing="0" class="plain" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tbody><tr> <td width="100%" valign="top" style="" class="plain"> <table width="100%" style="" cellspacing="0" class="plain" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" style="" class="plain"> <p align="center" class="plain">Early Bird Entry Deadline: <br></p><p align="center" class="plain">Monday, March 8</p><p align="center" class="plain"><b>MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10AM</b></p><p align="center" class="plain"> </p><div align="center"> <table width="100%" style="" cellspacing="0" class="plain" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tbody><tr> <td width="100%" valign="top" style="" class="plain"> <table width="100%" style="" cellspacing="0" class="plain" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tbody><tr> <td align="left" valign="top" style="" class="plain"> <p class="plain"><b>Parade Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019</b></p> <p class="plain"><b>Start Time</b>: 12:00 noon (rain or shine) </p> <p class="plain"><b>Location: </b>Downtown Petaluma, California </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href=""><b>Entry Application NOW AVAILABLE online at the link here </b></a><b> </b> </p> <p align="center" class="plain">(Kids Parade entry is available on the same link) </p> <p align="center" class="plain">Hard copy applications available upon request.</p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> <b>Theme:</b><b> </b><b>“It’s Always Punny in Petaluma”</b> Celebrating all that is udderly egg-ceptional in Sonoma County and Clo’s 50th Birthday! Petaluma is a vibrant, engaged community and home to so many wonderful businesses; agricultural, production, manufacturing, libations, incredible nonprofits and of course Clo the Cow, whose “punny” journey can be traced back to the 60’s with Clovers famous, witty puns and memorable billboards. </p> <p class="plain">This year we are paying special homage to Clo as she turns 50 and all that is good in PetaMooma! (Bare with us – it is going to be fun).</p> <p class="plain"><b>Parade entries: </b>Required to be entertaining, creative and exciting. Participate with a float, push float, band, colorful costumes, uniformed attire, drill, dance team or comical routines, antique or unique vehicles, etc. <b>Think out of the box! </b>All parade entries will be selected based on how well they theme their presentations around the Parade theme of:   <b>“It’s Always Punny in Petaluma”</b> <i>Celebrating all that is udderly egg-ceptional in Sonoma County and Clo’s 50 Birthday.</i> </p> <p class="plain"><b>How punny are you? – Please use puns wherever you can!</b><b> </b><b><i>Judges will give extra consideration for creative puns!</i></b> </p> <p class="plain"><b>Some Parade theme ideas for entrants to start your thinking: </b></p> <p class="plain">·        Pay Homage to Clo’s Herd-day – Wishing Clo a Happy 50<sup>th</sup> Birthday </p> <p class="plain">·        Celebrating PetaMOOma – Anything that makes Petaluma shine </p> <p class="plain">·        Celebrating our ComMOOnity – celebrating your nonprofit, community groups, etc </p> <p class="plain">·        Celebrating all that is MOO - (actually that’s you or anything new) </p> <p class="plain">·        Celebrating Sonoma COWnty – Sonoma County has so much to offer – show us! </p> <p class="plain">·        Anything udderly egg-ceptional that puts Petaluma on the map </p> <p class="plain">·        Visual pun signage </p> <p class="plain"><b>Parade Route: </b>One mile – The parade will start at the corner of D Street and Fourth Street. It will proceed on Fourth Street to Kentucky Street, right onto Washington Street, right onto Petaluma Boulevard North to Petaluma Boulevard South and end at D Street. </p> <p class="plain"><b>Anticipated Attendance: </b>25,000 + </p> <p class="plain">Parade organizers will approve applicants. Notification of acceptance will be emailed.</p> <p class="plain"><b>Clover Kids Parade: </b>Clover Sonoma is again sponsoring a Parade for youngsters.  It will start at 11:30 a.m. at 4th and D St. and move along the regular parade route to the Kids Area in the A Street Parking Lot, approx. 4 blocks. Only pre-schools, primary grade classes or clubs, mothers clubs, and other similar groups will be in this parade. </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Respond early to be considered for placement in our parade. </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">For updated information on the parade, please visit our website at <a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a> </p> </td> </tr> </tbody></table> </td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> <br><p class="plain"></p> </td> </tr> </tbody></table> </td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div> Petaluma Downtown 2019-01-17T16:33:43-08:00 Parade Entries now accepted Volunteers Needed for Parade <p class="plain"></p><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" daid="17918313" src='//' border="0">VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR BUTTER & EGG DAYS PARADE!<br></div> Applications are now available to contribute your energy and enthusiasm to our ever popular parade. It definitely takes a village. Please consider volunteering your time to help us create the community feeling of pride.<br> <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">CLICK HERE FOR OUR ONLINE APPLICATION</a><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2019-01-15T13:31:12-08:00 Volunteers Needed for Parade Downtown Holiday Open House <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">Saturday, December 1st, the downtown will be exploding with merriment. Starting at noon, you can find free entertainment in Putnam Plaza with horse & carriage rides, face painting, balloon animals, caroling, live music, ornament forgings, gift wrapping and more. <br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge"><br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">In the Bank Building, the small vendor faire will help you shop for those "who have everything" and children's entertainment inthe form of puppet theatre, songs, and storytime with Benedettiville and Love, Hope & Magic. <br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge"><br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">But that's not all! Around town you will find caricature drawings at Flower Child, harpist and ornament making at Seed Bank, cookie decorating at iLeoni, latke tasting near the Water Street Bridge and more. <br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge"><br></font></div><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">For a complete list of entertainment and merchant specials </font><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plainlarge">visit our page here.</a><font style="" class="plainlarge"> </font></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2018-11-26T11:11:15-08:00 Downtown Holiday Open House Santa's Riverboat Arrival <p class="plain">When Santa arrives in Petaluma, he leaves his sleigh at home. Instead, he and Mrs. Claus make a uniquely Petaluma arrival. They sail up the Petaluma River on a tugboat and dock at River Plaza Shopping Center on E.Washington to the cheers of hundreds of excited children.</p> <p class="plain">Everyone will get into the spirit of the season with live entertainment by the Pacific Empire Chorus and Petaluma Pete while waiting for Santa and Mrs. Claus to arrive. The Christmas couple are welcomed by costumed dancers from the Petaluma School of Ballet’s “Nutcracker.” Then Santa and Mrs. Claus make their way across the shopping center parking lot – handing out candy canes along the way – where they will be available for family photos in their special tent. Be sure to bring your Christmas wish list!</p> <p class="plain">Don’t’ let the fun stop there! Keep the festive mood flowing by making the short walk to historic downtown Petaluma for Shop Small special offers and activities.</p><p class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">See a short video here>></a><br></p> Petaluma Downtown 2018-11-19T12:03:18-08:00 Santa's Riverboat Arrival Utility Box Art <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">You may have noticed that the utility boxes around town have been getting a make-over. Once the target of graffiti, they are now being transformed into works of art by local Petaluma artists, thanks to the Business Improvement District.</font></div><div class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plainlarge">Read the article>></a><font style="" class="plainlarge"><br></font></div><p class="plain"></p> Petaluma Downtown 2018-11-16T09:04:42-08:00 Utility Box Art Join us on Halloween! <b><u><span style="" class="plain"><img width="400" daid="17885838" src='//' border="0">Downtown Trick or Treat Trail</span></u></b> <p class="plain"><b><u>Parents</u></b>- Be sure to gather your little ghosts, goblins, monsters, Harry Potters, witches on broomsticks and princesses, and join the participating downtown merchants for the annual Trick or Treat Trail.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><b><u>Date:</u></b> Halloween day, Wednesday October 31<sup>st</sup> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><b><u>Time:</u></b> 3-5:30 P.M.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><b><u>Place</u></b><u>:</u> Downtown Petaluma merchants on Kentucky St, Fourth St, Western Ave, Petaluma Blvd, 2nd St, “C” St., “B” St., the Putnam Plaza, and the River Plaza Shopping Center </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">***Participating merchants will have orange & black balloons placed outside their stores.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><b>Come and celebrate a safe and spooktacular time in our wonderful downtown. </b></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">For more information contact The Petaluma Downtown Association at 762-9348</p> <p class="plain">                                          <a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">                                                    </p> <p class="plain"> </p> Petaluma Downtown 2018-10-24T12:23:23-07:00 Join us on Halloween! Fall Gathering October 17 <p class="plain"><font style="" class="plainlarge">Save the Date for the Fall Gathering of downtown merchants and friends. Find out what's new for the Holiday Open House, what is going on in the Business Improvement District and mingle with your fellow merchants. More details will be emailed out to anyone on our Newsletter Mailing List. If you are not on the list and would like to be, please email</font><br></p> Petaluma Downtown 2018-09-11T15:57:15-07:00 Fall Gathering October 17 Call for Antique Vendors <p class="plain">Applications are now available for Antique Fair vendors. The faire takes place September 30, 2018 in Historic Downtown Petaluma. Attracting residents from all over the Bay Area, and beautiful weather at that time of year, it is one of the most popular antique faires to attend. <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Go to the Antique Faire page on our website.</a><br></p> Petaluma Downtown 2018-07-13T13:26:08-07:00 Call for Antique Vendors